Find, Flock and Fall a Tree

Christmas trees. They are a Christmas staple around the world. I was determined to have a tree for Christmas. John, on the other hand, was dragging his feet since he wasn’t keen on hauling a large tree from a farm or even the grocery store, then purchasing a stand when we don’t plan to make too many home purchases while living abroad. Plus, nothing is cheap here.

Find it. I decided to take the Christmas tree into my own hands, quite literally. I had eyed small Christmas trees at Føtex, my local grocery store, that even had stands. Late one afternoon before John was home, but after it had already gotten dark, so sometime between 3 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., I bike to the grocery to purchase our Christmas tree.

Some strand lights and garland in the basket and my tree balanced across my bike’s handles.

I’ve come a long way in my bike riding skills. I’m sure my brothers’ mouths would drop knowing I can bike with cars on the street while balancing a three-foot tree. Mad, hot skills. (I crack myself up!)

The real comedy act was when I got home. Mom was still visiting, so we try to stand this sucker up on its stand, and the tree base is cut crooked. The stupid thing will not stand upright for more than a minute. It stood up at the store! We try banging on the stand on with everything and I even break out the super glue, thinking it will help. We shim the thing. Nothing worked.

I begrudgingly call John and ask him to come home with some proper tools so he can get this thing to stand up. He comes home, pushes the trunk in the stand, and it stays. Sigh … However, I’m so glad he has the magic touch, but why in the world couldn’t I get it in there?

Flock it. OK, we didn’t flock it, but I love alliteration. What we did do is string some cute twinkle lights, silver garland and Mom and I made Danish heart baskets. These are a woven basket and the grocery had pre-cut versions to put together, then I purchased some more of the paper that we patterned to make more. Well, Mom made more while I was working. She is incredibly kind!

We made the paper hearts. The heart in the top left is one I purchased at a Christmas market. The hotdog is a glass ornament I got for John. Hotdogs and hotdog huts are a big thing here, and I love something a bit quirky.
Our cozy Christmas set up with candles, tea and a beautiful tree.

Fall it. We held our breath the first few days, hoping the tree didn’t crash to the ground. It didn’t happen. Then comes December 28. We woke up to a self-falling tree that undecorates itself. The tree was tired and completed its duty.

The tree told us Christmas was over. It wasn’t going to wait around for us.
Until next time, hej, hej!

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