Cake, Coffee and Convo

I’ve written about the island that’s just a few minutes away by ferry. This trip was a bit different. Stine rented a summer cottage from a friend for a week and invited us to come out for an afternoon. It was fantastic!

We began by walking through the perpetually cute town of Nordby, stopping for an ice cream on this bordering-on-frigid day. I had banana and John got mint chocolate chip, but I did try lakrids (licorice) and it was tasty. Black licorice is a favorite Danish flavor and they even have chocolate covered licorice. I’m a fan of it all. Surprise, surprise.

Dagens Is (Today’s ice cream) – Chocolate, banana, coffee, licorice, amaretto (I think), vanilla, pistachio, walnut, pina colada, raspberry, mint and rum raisin

We then biked along the sea. We lucked out since the wind wasn’t blowing. The wind makes everything so cold!

We – Stine, David, John and I – are biking along the North Sea and you can see the rooftops of a few summer homes.

Cycling along the beach, we made our way through Rindby and up a gravel path to the summer house. It is an efficient home with a dining / living area, small galley kitchen, bath and two small bedrooms. Perfect for a couple people who plan to enjoy the outdoors.

Cute as a button, to say the least!
Dining as soon as you walk in.
Living room
Truly the cutest! You see the home is coordinated with all its green.

We spent a wonderful afternoon talking about our respective cultures, politics and sharing some laughs, all with coffee and cake. This is a Danish tradition I hope to keep. The Danes are great about blocking time to sit back, relax with friends, share a cup of coffee and maybe a sweet with friends … for hours.

Until next time, hej, hej!

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