Sunday Drive: Flights to Fights

Slowly but surely we are exploring our new hometown. There isn’t too much open in Houston due to COVID-19, but we are finding things to do as the perpetual tourists we are.

John, who is sorely missing his airplane that is with a friend in Wisconsin, found out about the Runway Cafe through one of the local aviation Facebook groups. This unpretentious diner is tucked along the Angleton airport (LBX) runway. It serves up an eclectic mix of burgers, seafood, Asian cuisine and lobster. Unfortunately, we realized lobster was the special of the day on the way out. Bummer!

Just being at an airport makes him grin! I was grinning due to the huge plate of Pad Thai.

After lunch, we continued south to the Gulf of Mexico just to check it out. We passed through Lake Jackson.

I had to dip my toes in the water as we passed through Galveston.

And as we were completing our loop and heading back to the homestead, we decided to learn a bit of history at the San Jacinto Battle Monument, the very spot along the Gulf where Texas won its Independence.

The monument feels like the Washington Monument with Texas flair.
The museum has taken all the social distancing precautions. The staff told me visits were picking up but they will feel the pain in the coming months as the school groups have canceled their field trips.
The view from the top looking out toward the reflecting pool and the Buffalo Bayou, which runs through Houston.
The bird friend we met along the way.

Even though I’ve been here for months, it doesn’t feel like home. We still aren’t able to meet people through church or work, so it feels like John and I are simply visiting a new city. I hear Houston has nice people, incredible museums and a spectacular art scene. I look forward to fully experiencing this fine city and its people very soon.

Until next time, see y’all!

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